How do I integrate a specific payment network?

Since most PSPs require hard-coding on the merchant side to integrate different payment networks, we are often asked how one special network should be integrated.

The answer is always: Simply stick to the flow of the LIST and CHARGE Request and listen to the Notifications. But since not every network requires all parameters or returns all attributes in the CHARGE reply or Notification, we also give you an overview of all networks that have some specifics regarding their integration in the following sections.

Please note that in any case, the input form that needs to be filled by your customer to use a network is always provided in the LIST Response. You don't have to and you should not hard code these in your system, but include them dynamically as given in the LIST Response. This way you lower you implementation and maintenance effort and profit from the dynamic adaption to payment amounts, countries, etc. that optile OPG provides.

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