How can I choose to display a specific list of Payment Method(s) in the List Response?

If you have configured more than one payment method for a certain division, yet you want the List Reponse to return only a specific list  of payment methods or one payment method. Therefore, OPG allows you to pass an extra parameter in the List Request whereby you could filter the list of the networks that will be displayed or returned in the List Response as follows.

This parameter would work no matter which integration scenario you choose.


  "preselection": {
    "networkCodes": [


For example, if you want the List Reponse to display a certain network then you should know its exact networkCode. If you are not sure about the netoworkCodes then please contact our support team and they will be glad to help you.  A List Request to display only VISA in the List Response would look as follows:

      "reference":"shop 123/07-08-15"


You can check this parameter in the API Console on!/list/post_lists 

NB: Please note that you have to login with your Merchant Portal credentials to be able to access the API Console).

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