How can find out if a recurring mandate for a registered customer is still valid?

As a merchant, you might want to know if the recurring mandate for a registered customer is still valid, so that you know whether you can do recurring charges on that customer.

For that, we have an additional boolean attribute hasRecurringAccount=true|false in the notification with entity=customer

The notification with entity=payment should continue to deliver the customerRegistrationId, repeatedly. The customerRegistrationPassword will be sent via a notification with entity=customer but only after a successful customer registration, to maintain security.

Here you can find the expected behavior of the customerRegistrationPassword once it gets stored by OPG:

  1. If this customer has once given the recurring mandate (via allowRecurrence=true in the CHARGE request) and not revoked it (by removing the recurring account) this attribute will show true, otherwise false.
    • Note: true does not guarantee the recurring charge will work (or has ever worked), it just means there was a mandate given.

  2. Whenever there is a change in this status there will be a new notification sent.
    • Example 1: If the customer had a registered "frontend" account, and then registers a new account for recurring, there will be another notification sent.
    • Example 2: If the customer already had a recurring account, and registers second one, there will not be a notification (because status will remain true, i.e. no change)

  3. As long as an account registration is in a pending state, it will not be counted. The registration state can only change as soon as the registration was successful. This could mean one notification for a newly registered customer (with regId and regPwd) and soon afterwards another notification with updated hasRecurringAccount info.
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