How do I pass my orderId/ invoiceId to the OPG?

It is possible to pass your shops specific order Id to the OPG for ease of your reference in matching your transactions.  The OPG can process your order Id as a parameter "invoiceId" in the LIST Request. 

invoiceId (string, optional): it is assigned by the merchant and can be up to 128 characters long.


Below is an example of a LIST request.

"transactionId": "S-321-012",
"country": "DE",
"payment": {
"amount": 119.90,
"currency": "EUR",
"reference": "Your order ref 321",
"invoiceId": "ABC123"

"customer": {
"registration": {
"password": "lbeIj95VPz3v"
"callback": {
"returnUrl": "",
"cancelUrl": "",
"notificationUrl": ""

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